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Australia’s Boomers Gear Up for Paris 2024: Inside the Final Olympic Preparations

As we swing into the final stages of the countdown to the Olympics, excitement is all around. However, before the Olympics can begin, athletes still need to get a lock on those final skills, and coaches need to be making difficult decisions about who’s going to represent their respective countries at the highest level of sportsmanship in the world.

The tension is high, and the stakes are even higher. One group definitely feeling the pressure is the Australian men’s basketball team, the Boomers, as they head into training camp for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

It’s an exciting time for fans, with the ability to support favourites and root for those you want in the final line-up. All around Australia, Boomer basketball jerseys are coming out, and courts are seeing an influx of custom basketball uniforms Australia.

Seventeen players will go through this final training camp in July, and only 12 key players will be selected for the squad. With all the speculation in the air, here are the top three players (plus one bonus mention) who we think will make the cut for the Boomers team for this year’s Paris Olympics.

1. Josh Giddey

Giddey is the point guard for the Boomers and a very strong player for the team. Lately, he’s been the media darling of the team and the team’s public face as a whole. During the normal season, he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. His position on the Boomers team is point guard, so during training camp, the ball is expected to be in his hands for the majority of the games. As a national player, Giddey plays to his strengths, focusing on playmaking and ball-handling duties. He's expected to be picked for the final lineup of 12 players.

2. Matisse Thybulle

Thybulle is another player on the training camp lineup and is expected to provide versatility and length to the team through his position on the wing. He's coming off a good season playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, with an average of 3.6 assists per game and 34.6% three-point shooting percentage. His shooting is expected to be a focus of his training camp, with this swing skill making or breaking his chance to play in the Olympics. However, his versatility on the court and strong defensive capabilities give Thybulle a great shot at making the cut.

3. Patty Mills

As a long-standing member of the NBA and a key part of the Boomers lineup since 2007, Mills has an impressive CV for inclusion in training camp and is a very strong candidate for inclusion in the Olympic team. During his long career, this veteran has trained a dozen skills to perfection, but his key role this season is likely to focus on his ability to shoot goals, making him a gunner. Despite being more than capable of playing in any position for the game, Mills is likely to be kept off the other side of the court to focus on shooting this season, as this is where his skillset will help the team the most.

Honorary Mention: Joe Ingles

Ingles is another well-seasoned player, with this potentially being his fifth appearance in the Summer Olympic Games. As a result, we are sure he will come into this training camp absolutely fighting for that amazing accomplishment and showing off all the skills that make him such a valuable member of the team. Ingles primarily plays the small forward position but is also capable of playing as a power forward, a forward, or in the guard position. With his variety of skills on the court and his veteran status at the games, having Ingles on the team would boost team dynamics and morale.

With so many great players heading out to training camp, head coach Brian Goorjian has a tough time ahead of him to put together the final team roster. Good luck to all candidates!


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