Sizing Chart


Note: Women’s singlets fit higher under the arm than men’s singlets and in mesh fabric include a second mesh layer under the front.

Step 1

Lay a singlet or T-Shirt that fits you comfortably ( and would feel good to play in) on a flat surface and smooth it out. Always take measurements from a top – never take measurements of your body.

Step 2

Measure the LENGTH (measurement A) of your top from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hem, as shown in the diagram.

Step 3

Measure the WIDTH (measurement B) of your top across the chest from one side seam to the other at about 5cm below the armhole.

Step 4

Cross reference the A and B measurements to the chart to calculate your most likely size match.

Sizing Chart img
SizesMeasurement AMeasurement B
5XS 53cm 38cm
4XS 56cm 40cm
3XS 59cm 42cm
2XS 65cm 45cm
XS 68cm 47cm
S 70cm 48cm
M 74cm 52cm
L 77cm 54cm
XL 80cm 57cm
2XL 85cm 59cm
3XL 90cm 61cm
4XL 95cm 62cm
5XL 100cm 65cm

Note: Sizes are approximate and minor variations can occur


  • Sizes usually match singlet size
  • Can be ordered in a different size to singlet
  • Are a baggy basketball cut
  • Waistband is well elasticised with a strong cord tie
  • Are supplied as REGULAR length unless ordered specifically as LONGER length
  • In mesh are fully lined
Length of shorts

Length shorts on average fall a little above the knee.


Length shorts are 5cm longer and on average fall a little below the knee.

Extra length shorts

are available on request if more than 5cm extra length is required.

Guide to shorts length

Our Shorts Length Guide provides information for shorts length decisions. Being custom made our shorts may vary by up to 2cm in the overall length (waist to hem) depending on the fit and style.

Guide - Waist to hem length for regular (shorter) shorts
5XS 33cm
4XS 35cm
3XS 37cm
2XS 39cm
XS 42cm
S 44cm
M 47cm
L 49cm
XL 51cm
2XL 53cm
3XL 55cm
4XL 58cm
5XL 60cm
Guide - Waist to hem length for long (5cm longer) shorts
5XS 38cm
4XS 40cm
3XS 42cm
2XS 44cm
XS 47cm
S 49cm
M 52cm
L 54cm
XL 56cm
2XL 58cm
3XL 60cm
4XL 63cm
5XL 65cm