Readymade Uniforms

Looking for quick and hassle-free uniform solutions? Our readymade uniforms are available in classic styles, pre-numbered and ready to go.

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Mesh Uniforms
  • Navy Blue & Royal Blue
  • Silver & Navy Blue
  • Yellow & Black
Singlet / shorts for $39


Dazzle Uniforms
  • Apple Green & Black
singlet / shorts for $43


Cool Dry Uniforms
  • Red & Navy Blue
singlet / shorts for $43


reversible Micromesh singlet
  • Black & White

Classic Styling

Our readymade styles offer 6 classic colour combinations to provide a timeless and visually appealing option for your team's uniform. Our pre-numbered uniforms are ready to go, ensuring a cohesive and polished look.

Quality, Fit, and Convenience

Select from 3 colour combinations in mesh, 1 in dazzle, 1 in cool dry fabric and 1 reversible micro-mesh for optimal performance.
From 4XS to 5XL, we ensure the perfect fit for every team member.

Ready in a rush

Ready in a rush: Same-day shipping and pickup for cost-effective readymade uniforms.

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