Choosing A Basketball Putting The Ball Into Basketball

Shooting hoops in front of the garage or playing pro - without a ball it just ain’t gonna happen. And not just any ball - there’s some science behind selecting the right ball; age, gender and playing surface all come into the equation.

Basketball Size Guide:

  • * 7-11 y/o kids are usually matched with a size 5 ball, depending on hand span (under 7’s may start with a 3 - an appropriately sized and weighted ball helps little tackers with smaller hands learn correct technique)
  • * 11-14 y/o kids move up to a size 6
  • * 14+ Women stay with a size 6 ball (Size 6 is a good transition ball for young teens becoming adults, both male and female).
  • * 14+ Men use the larger size 7 ball (Mixed Teams may use 6 or 7 as decided by your stadium)

Types of Basketballs:

  • Leather basketballs are generally best for indoor games on smooth floors. With most indoor courts having wooden floors, leather basketballs are safest to avoid causing damage. They also provide good grip against the sweat factor. Outside courts made of concrete or asphalt can ruin the surface of a leather ball. Leather balls are generally the most expensive choice.

Vortex Baller Hiran says ‘- The feel of the ball is important to me. I like the basketball to have good grip, to counteract the sweat put on the ball during games. I prefer leather basketballs, they feel better in the hand when shooting and bouncing the ball.

  • Synthetic basketballs, as the most durable ball, are predominantly for outdoor use but can also be used inside. Cost wise they’re around mid-range.
  • Rubber basketballs are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Usually the cheapest on offer, this rubber * * ball fits a lower budget and is ideal for recreational use.+


  • * Ball pressure is often overlooked; the flatter the ball, the more effort and energy is wasted when executing passes, bouncing the ball and shooting
  • * Keep a check on how hard the ball is, my personal method is to drop the ball and check the bounce level.
  • * Never let anyone kick your basketball, that’s a sure fire way to ruin its shape and cause an inconsistent bounce negatively impacting on your game
  • * Keep leather balls inside; outdoor use will deteriorate the leather and quite likely affect the bounce of the ball