Choosing The Right Basketball Shoe For Your Kids

When it comes to buying a pair of basketball shoes it can definitely be a personal preference. However, we wanted to provide you with a collection of options for both Male and Female Youth Shoes.

There are a few things you need to decide before the big purchase, mostly what kind of shoe you would like.

Let’s break it down:

Low Tops

Low Tops are designed for extra speed on the court. They are a sleek look that is lightweight option for a young player who maybe drags their feet on the court. It means it won’t be as hard for your kid to lift their feet off the court to get to where they need to be. This means it’s beneficial for a point guard position.

The downside to this style is the lack of ankle protection. Ankle injuries are very common with basketball so this is a bit of a risk purchasing a shoe without protection around that area.

Mid Tops

Consider this the happy medium. This shoe is for the all rounder. It has both a bit of ankle support and good traction while not weighing your kid down as much as a high top shoe.

High Tops

In reverse to Low tops, high tops provide an extra protection for physical contacts repercussions on the ankle in addition to extra cushioning and support within the shoe because of the extra added weight. Meaning there is more support for jumps and other big moves.

However in saying this the amount of difference between the number of injuries between high tops and low tops are virtually the same the thing that differs is the severity of them.

Ways to Get More Bang For Your Buck

Basketball shoes generally have to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so you want to be able to purchase a pair that will withstand the 'heat' from your child’s feet until they move up a size and you NEED to purchase a new pair.

Things to think about when you are purchasing a shoe:

  • Make sure there are some high quality laces on their shoes this will help to combat sudden movements on the court
  • Purchase a pair that will likely stretch a little as your child grows (leather is a great option for this as it’s very durable
  • Look for shoes with a great shock absorption and good long lasting grip (rubber soles are generally more durable)

There are a lot of shoe options out there, you just need to determine what your child needs out of a shoe and it'll make the decision miles easier.