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From Down Under to the Top: Australia’s Triumph at FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup 2024

Australian men’s and women’s teams have made a thrilling sweep of the FIBA 3x3 games held in Singapore this Sunday. Not the first time at the championships for either team, both the men’s and the women’s teams were propelled to victory by daring feats of sportsmanship.

The FIBA 3x3 games are based on compositions of several team sports of streetball, and see two teams of three players (hence the name) face off against each other. The game takes place on a basketball half-court. A fairly recent invention, 3x3 made the Olympic games for the first time at Tokyo in 2020.

The men’s game

The Australian men’s team is composed of MVP Todd Blanchfield, William Hickey, and James Alexander O’Donnell. This team brought home their fourth victory after playing five straight finals.

The final clash was between Australia and Iran, which ended with 21 points to Australia and 7 points to Iran. Todd Blanchfield scored 7 points, including a 2-pointer which sealed the title, while his teammates scored another 10 points between them.

In the semi-finals the Australian men’s team went up against the defending champions for the title, the Mongolian 3x3 team. However, this time the Mongolian team folded with a 21-11 victory for the Australian men, with Blanchfield as top scorer with 11 points.

Prior to this game, the men’s team also beat out the People’s Republic of China, with a score of 21 to 15 in the quarter-finals. Blanchfield again topped the scoreboard with a total of 10 points, earning his MVP title.

Todd Blanchfield was the leading scorer for the men’s team with a total of 47 points scored across his 5 matches played.

The women’s game

The women’s team also smashed out their game and extended their record of winning the most titles in the history of the FIBA 3x3 Asia Cup. This team is composed of Anneli Maley, Alex Wilson and Marena Whittle. They brought home their fourth victory this year.

In the final game against New Zealand, Anneli Maley scored a total of 8 points. The score was initially tied at 3-3, but Maley and Alex Wilson took charge and brought Australia to a lead of 15-13. At the last second, Wilson hit a clutch two to win with an 18-13 victory.

In the semi-finals Marena Whittle was the star player with a whopping 10 points of 21 points attributed to her playing. Against Mongolia, the Australian women’s team won with a 21-6 victory.

In the prior quarter-finals against Thailand, the Australian women won with a decisive score of 21-8 points. Eight of those points were scored by Alex Wilson. The women had a strong team this year—top scorer Anneli Maley earned 31 points, and Marena Whittle scored 30 points across five games played.

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