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Mark Your Calendar: Essential NBA Dates to Watch Out for in 2024!

With the new year underway, it’s time to start taking out your calendars and marking off the dates for the essential NBA events you simply cannot miss. This comprehensive list will guide you through the most important events of 2024, filling you with confidence that you won’t miss out on all the fun.

We will cover those most important fan events - the games. There are a whole lot of other important NBA dates like trade deadlines and roster releases, but you’ll have to mark up most of your early year calendar if we were to include all those dates!

February 18th: NBA All-Star Game

Starting off strong, the 2024 NBA All-Star game is scheduled in Indianapolis. It will be held at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, so now is the perfect time to sort out your tickets, or begin planning your game day watch party with family and friends.

If you are one of the lucky few who manage to get tickets, don’t forget to bring your foam fingers and buy your court-side snacks! If you are at home like the rest of us, try getting in the spirit with decorations, jerseys, or throwable food to make a truly memorable start to the season.

April 16-19: NBA Play-In Tournament

Perhaps one of the most exciting weeks of the calendar year, this year’s play-in tournament is scheduled for the 16th-19th of April. A recent invention as of 2021, this is one of the most fun events of the entire season, with plenty of opportunities to get to know the teams and root for your favourite player.

Once you have decided on a favourite team and player (or perhaps had your faith in your old team reaffirmed), sit back, relax, and enjoy watching teams fight for a spot in the Play-Offs.

April 20th: NBA Play-Offs

Starting immediately after the play-ins, the play-offs are scheduled to begin on the 20th of April. This is a no-holds barred, knock down, drag out fight (while adhering closely to strict NBA guidelines) for the spot as league champion.

A series of four rounds, this best-of-seven tournament will consist of 16 teams that match up against each other to determine an ultimate winner. This is a great chance to see some excellent game play, with teams working hard to secure their spot as top dog.

Engaging with this tournament is super exciting, and you can have fun watching even if you are halfway across the globe from the game itself. Consider wearing the jersey of your favourite member, or even coming up with your own fun design based off of a combination of your favourite players.

June: NBA Finals

The final big event for the year, the NBA finals, will be held in June 2024. There are a lot of important dates for this month, so we’ve rounded them up in a handy-dandy bullet point list for your convenience.

  • 6th: Game 1

  • 9th: Game 2

  • 12th: Game 3

  • 14th: Game 4

  • 17th: Game 5 (if necessary)

  • 20th: Game 6 (if necessary)

  • 23rd: Game 7 (if necessary)

As fans of the NBA, you are likely to already be well aware but these games are the culmination of an entire season of work, with a best-of-seven game series designed to pick out the ultimate champion team from the entirety of the league.

Supporting Your Team From Afar

These finals are full of energy, and can be great fun to see in person if you manage to get tickets. Otherwise, join us in watching from afar, with plenty of memorabilia available to commemorate the awesome displays of athletics.

One of the best ways to do this is with a custom basketball jersey. Whether you play the game yourself, or are just an avid fan, having your own jersey to wear to support your favourite team or player can be a great way to join in on the fun when you can’t be there in person.

With Vortex Basketball, you can choose from a range of pre-set designs, or use their intuitive custom online design tool to come up with your own, completely unique pattern to commemorate the 2024 season. If you get in early enough, you can even have the jersey to wear while watching and enjoying the games.

If you are a really huge fan, or if you have a great memory linked with watching your team, why not try makingcustom basketball uniforms. If you’re looking to make an impression on and off the court, there is nothing like a fully kitted-out team of unique and fun basketball uniforms to inspire fear and awe into your opponents!

Whether you need a single jersey for watching the season’s games by yourself in your apartment, or a whole set of uniforms for your school or local team, get in touch with the crew at Vortex Basketball today!