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Ten Easy Steps For Newbies

Like everything, once you know how it’s easy - so here’s some straightforward talking to get a first-time basketball team up and running:

1. Build Your Team
Gather 6 – 8 keen, committed people to form a team. There’s 5 on the court at any time so you need enough to cover players out resting or not available to play

2. Choose a League
Where do you prefer to play, what division; Domestic- Junior / Male / Female / Mixed. Check that the game days and times suit your team.

3. Designate a Team Delegate
Who will co-ordinate the team, organise registration and uniforms

4. Get Approval
Find out the season start date, get approval for team name and uniform colours.

5. Discuss Finances
Find out registration fees and collect them from the team upfront

6. Register your team
Once you register and pay fees it’s time to get your gear sorted asap

7. Contact Vortex Basketball
Discuss design, fabric, cost options and delivery dates.

8. Lock in uniform
Choose uniform design and get the team working out their Vortex sizing and player numbers. Get your uniform order locked in.

9. Get Your Kit On
Lead time from when your uniforms are ordered is usually around three weeks. If time is short most leagues will loan bibs or tops while uniforms are being made (contact your league) or Vortex has ready-made uniforms in stock.

10. Show up, Play, Enjoy!