Vortex Dribbling Exercises 12

Best Basketball Drills To Improve Dribbling

Learn to dribble like a boss - with or without access to a basketball court.

When you think of the game of basketball, 3-point throws or slam dunk attempts are usually what spring to mind first. However, when it comes to having a big impact on the game, there is another basketball skill that often gets overlooked - dribbling. The better a player can dribble, the more control over the ball they will have and the more opportunities they can create for themselves and their team-mates at the offensive end of the court.

There are many ways to learn how to dribble, but the end objective is to be able to control the ball with either hand without having to look down. To help take your dribbling game to the next level, or just get it started, we’ve put together the best tips from some of the world’s top coaches. So throw on your favourite basketball jersey, grab a ball and let's get started!

For those of you lucky enough to be out of COVID restrictions, the basketball court is the obvious (and best) place to do your dribbling drills, but as long as you have sufficient space, most of these drills can be done at home. And while dribbling is a solo activity, it’s always more fun and motivating to train with someone. So whether you’re a beginner or a soon-to-be pro, we recommend you bring a friend, some nutritious snacks and a great attitude!


When we are just starting out, it can be daunting to see how advanced other players are in their practice. But don’t worry. Remember that everyone was once a beginner, and with the right practice and dedication, you might be just as good as they are one day. If you’re a beginner dribbler, chances are you’re pretty new to basketball as a whole, so today we’ll get you started with a basic workout that covers several basketball fundamentals. This is a great video that will give you the basic skills you need before trying out more advanced drills.

Ready to go? Put on your sneakers, grab your water bottle and get started with this Vision Driven Basketball tutorial:


If you know the basics of basketball dribbling and are looking to advance, or improve your skills, this workout is a great place to start. Throughout the video, Coach Rocky breaks down his favourite dribbling series and how to master them. He starts by going over basic dribbles, ensuring you have the right technique and feel comfortable advancing. Once you’re ready, you can follow his steps on how to progress, build on and combine these dribbles, for a more advanced practice.


Once you’ve got your dribbling skills sharpened, the next step is to learn some advanced ball handling skills. The key to shaking off defenders and making your charge to the ring is to be able to manipulate the ball quickly and at any angle. Playing too much on the same straight plane makes you predictable and easy to defend against.

If this sounds like something you’d like to add to your game, check out these 5 advanced ball handling exercises:

While these are just some of the exercises and techniques you can practice to improve your ball handling skills, there are many others out there. The key is to find what works for you and practice often. Before you know it, you’ll be zipping down the court and bamboozling defenders like a pro! And if you’re looking for some gear that looks as good as your game, check out our custom basketball jersey designs here or get in touch to see our full range.