Quick Tips To Match Your Shoes With Your Playing Style

Vortex Graphic Designer Hiran Silva owns an astonishing collection of 13 pairs of basketball shoes! Hiran, with 20 years of experience playing the game including 5 years of Rep, shares what he’s learned along the way about basketball footwear:

Worn out soles, reduced cushioning, rips and holes mean it’s time for new basketball shoes.While I may be influenced by what my friends and competitors are wearing, there’s so much more to consider than current styles and colours, like:

What is my playing style?

Am I a fast all-round player performing best in a lightweight shoe or a power player better suited to a heavier style?

What about correct size and fit?

To reduce the risk of foot injuries so common in basketball I recommend having a professional assessment for size, fit and if arch support required.


  • * Resemble standard athletic shoe
  • * Designed for speed and traction on court
  • * Allow the most ankle flexibility
  • * For players relying on their agility &speed

Consider: No ankle support and limited support for sudden turns & on-the-go landings


  • * The best of both worlds for the most versatile players
  • * For players who count of burst of speed & physicality when fighting for rebounds
  • * Provides some ankle support (with less ankle restriction than high tops)


  • * For power players with more physical contact
  • * For players who pull down rebounds repetitively
  • * Extra support for ankles and more cushioning
  • * Offers the most foot and ankle stability (for players with a history of injuries)

Consider: Generally a heavier type of shoe restricting the ankle’s range of motion while not completely preventing ankle injuries.

In my experience, to find the best shoe for your playing style and needs just get out there and try the different styles for yourself!